Silent Mantra


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Silent Mantra Meditation is a very simple method used to experience profound physical relaxation, an automatic shift in consciousness and to experience transcendence. When attempting meditation, it is common for people to end up quitting, as they feel they think too much. With the Silent Mantra method, thinking does not hinder the wonderful result. Most people experience the profound relaxation and a shift in consciousness at the first sitting. The stored stress in the body is spontaneously released from the muscles and the nervous system relaxes. For every twenty minutes of meditation, the body stays in a state known as restful awareness for the following eight hours. 

The Effects of Relaxation Response & Stress Response 

Silent Mantra meditation is the best way to trigger the nervous system into Relaxation Response.

Our natural self-repair mechanisms only function when the body is in Relaxation Response. Stress Response harms the body in many ways.
Repetitive Stress Response impair cognitive performance, suppress thyroid function, lead to blood sugar imbalances, decrease bone density, weaken muscle tissue, raise blood pressure, lower our immunity, and strain the heart. An example of what happens when we get stressed is, all of a sudden an event happens that stresses us out, our amygdala screams danger, and we are fueled by a surge of Cortisol, Epinephrine and Blood Lactate. This is actually good as the Stress Response can save our lives by going into Fight or Flight mode. Our bodies are filled, though, with negative Hormones that over time can make us sick and ignite dormant disease. Even people that eat well, exercise and get enough sleep still get sick from the many Stress Responses most humans have throughout the day. 
The idea is to balance the amount of ratios of Relaxation Responses and Stress Responses in the body’s Nervous System. Now, fortunately, increasing the amount of Relaxation Responses can be easy and pleasurable. The best news is we can learn how to activate Relaxation Response at any time of the day. Back in the late 1960s, Dr. Herbert Benson, of Harvard Medical school, studied the effects of Relaxation Response in great depth. He developed a technique based on Transcendental Meditation (Silent Mantra Meditation) that is scientifically proven to activate the Relaxation Response. His well-studied Relaxation Response technique worked to heal everything from heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain, ulcers to even allergies. It can even help you lose weight.
The simple method of Silent Mantra meditation, and some other forms of meditation, puts us in a state of Relaxation Response for eight hours after doing twenty minutes of meditation. This is called Restful Awareness. Ideally, we will start to practice 20 minutes of Silent Mantra meditation twice daily so we can experience and benefit from the Relaxation Response for all 16 hours of our active wakened daily life. We've found that you actually don't have to close your eyes or sit down in traditional meditative pose to for this to be effective. All we have to do is repeat the Silent Mantra in our thinking while passively disregarding thoughts that come to mind and returning to that reposition while focusing on our breathing. One can do this while exercising, making art, cooking, shopping, et cetera.
There are other scientifically proven Relaxation Responses that one can do on their own, such as all forms of meditation, dance, prayer, attend religious services, playing with animals, express yourself creatively, laughing. Other Relaxation Response activators include Yoga, Massage, Emotional Freedom Technique, known as EFT therapy, or the healing act of generosity.
 Sometimes, conventional medicine falls short to heal us, and there are many examples of people that had diseases that conventional medicine had nothing left to offer but they healed from triggering natural healing mechanisms in the body due to Relaxation Responses. (Dr Lissa Rankin)

And along spiritual lines:

​Be still and know I AM God (The Torah). 

To be in the world but not of the world (Jesus). 

To have form but emptiness (Buddha).

To experience Oneness and Transcendence. To re-program and not be driven by conditioning, to find true self! 

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