Silent Mantra


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Ricky has many years of experience helping people with addictions and disorders. He was a consultant for The Musician Assistance Program and Sweet Relief Musicians fund. He also worked in the music industry as an Interventionist and Case Manager and was the founder of in 1998. 

Ricky is well versed in the affects of childhood trauma and many other core issues and the models of treatment. But in all his years of experience he has come to believe that meditation is the most helpful to people as there is no fixing, trying, controlling, or doing. 

One just simply thinks the Silent Mantra and automatically they have a profound shift in consciousness and will view self and the world through new glasses. They will experience deep relaxation in the body and the experience of being in the moment or the now!

About Ricky Gelb  Meditation Guide

Ricky Gelb


Ricky Gelb lived for decades filled with the residuals of childhood trauma, anxiety, fear and addiction. After many attempts to be freed from the bondage of self, having lost everything he loved, on the brink of insanity & suicide, serendipity and some amazing spiritual people pointed him in the right direction, within. Having found profound relaxation, gratitude, self-love, oneness with The Mystery and peace of mind, he is inspired to share his experience and help others.  Ricky believes that most people develop a false constitution when young that does not dictate authentic being, it is based greatly on the physical material world and compulsive thinking which leads to unhappiness and discomfort. Through meditation, spiritual practice and conscious living, we can re-write the inner constitution and experience daily gratitude, relaxation, peace in the now, self-love and joy.